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grooving and improving human movement
golf and life



Groov Golf Life was created to inspire people of all ages, abilities, and experiences to make movement, golf, and life fun!

the groov golf life story

For the golfer who is ready to take their game to the next level. Our Team of TPI  and KMOTION3D CERTIFIED Golf Fitness and Biomechanics Specialists will keep you moving on and off the course with techniques to optimize your performance and reduce injury. We will meet you where you are on your Golf Journey and guide you towards your best Golf Future. MOVE for LIFE Individualized Programs designed utilizing assessment systems developed by TPI, KMOTION, and FMS, and integrated with over 25 years of golf fitness and 30 years of sports performance training experience to deliver a multidisciplinary approach to IMPROVING YOUR GOLF GROOVE. Considering each golfer’s needs and desires and incorporating the leading edge of Mobility, Stability, Flexibility, Balance, Coordination, Sequencing, Biomechanics, Strength, Endurance, Power Training, Recovery Techniques and Tools to help you feel, move and play better at LIFE AND GOLF!

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Tom Watson

Professional Golfer, 8-time Major Champion
Cutting Horse Competitor

"I have trained in golf specific strength and flexibility exercises with Janine for several years which has allowed me to stay competitive in professional golf into my 60's. Her comprehensive program particularly helped me in my rehabilitation after hip replacement surgery. She understands the golf swing very well and targets what the golfer needs to improve performance."

Alex Springer Golf Swing.jpg

Alex Springer

UCM NCAA 3-time All-American
Professional Golfer, Mackenzie Tour

"Janine made a huge impact on my career. She was the first person to introduce fitness to me and how it can reduce injury, increase speed, and ultimately improve my golf game. She knows so much not only about strength training and lifting, but the human body as well. She takes the time to explain exercises and help you understand how they will benefit you personally. She also never hesitated to stop what she was doing and help me over the phone when I was traveling. I would recommend Janine to anyone that wants to take care of their body and improve their game."

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Julia Misemer

High School Golfer, Class of 2022
3-time KS 6A Girls State Champion

"Janine really gave me that first look that I needed into the fitness world of golf. The TPI program she used to create golf-specific circuits as well as circuits to help build endurance for those long four-day tournaments. She also helped give me pointers on what to eat on the road, specific electrolytes to help stay hydrated, as well as helping me build a healthy mindset for golf."

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