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Let's start with a conversation about YOUR Performance goals and how GROOV GOLF LIFE can assist YOU.


This will be based on the results of a physical assessment of your individual fitness capabilities and needs utilizing the protocols developed by the Titleist Performance Institute and Functional Movement Systems, in addition to 3D Biomechanical Swing Analysis using KMOTION’s KCoach Motion Capture and Biofeedback Training.

We will create your personalized fitness program to optimize your body's power, strength, flexibility, and endurance to enhance your ability to play the game of golf.


Your golf specific exercise program will help you achieve:


  • Restoration of MOOVment and FUNction

  • A healthier, biomechanical sound golf swing

  • Injury resilience

  • Increased club head speed

  • Improved accuracy

  • Reduction in recovery time between golf practice, golf rounds and golf training sessions

  • Add life to your years and shave strokes off your game!

individual golf performance training

David Chick Cross Body Stretch.jpg

For the golfers who are ready to take their game to the next level.


Individualized Golf Performance Training Programs are created using the systems developed by TPI, which was one time only available to the PGA TOUR.


We use a multidisciplinary approach to IMPROOVING YOUR GOLF GROOV, considering your needs and desires while incorporating the leading edge of mobility, stability, flexibility, balance, coordination, sequencing, biomechanics, strength, endurance and power training techniques.


  • Video Swing Biomechanics Analysis & TPI Physical Evaluation with a 4-Week Individual Online Training Program Design ($300)

  • Individual Golf Performance Training Sessions (60 minutes each)

    • 1 session ($100)

    • 4 sessions ($400)

    • 10 sessions ($900)

    • Sessions may be spread out but must be used within expiration period

    • Sessions scheduled with Golf Performance Specialist

  • Monthly Packages

    • 1 session per week ($380)

    • 2 sessions per week ($720)

    • 3 sessions per week ($960)

Discount for 2, 3 and 4-somes. Bring your own group or join one! Please text Janine (913.226.7092)

or email (

for details and discount code!

groov golf life experience

The Groov Golf Life Experience is perfect fit for the passionate golfer who desires a INDIVIDUAL GOLF PERFORMANCE TRAINING PROGRAM designed by Groov Golf Life.

Your Experience Includes:

Using the systems developed by The Titleist Performance Institute and at one time only available to the PGA Tour Professional, your package includes: 


  • TPI Professional Functional Movement Physical Screen

  • KVest - TPI 3D Biomechanical Swing Evaluation

  • Detailed GOLF Fitness program design - accessed by your own personal web link

  • 1 individual session to teach you your new program

  • 4 semi private personal training sessions  

  • $500


The physical assessment and the 3-D swing analysis will take approximately 1.5 hours to complete.  The follow up training sessions will be scheduled after the Evaluation is complete and your Golf Performance Training Program is designed.

Coming Soon - Half-Day, 1, 2, 3 and Full Week Groov Golf Retreats

Alex SL HInge SA KB Row.jpg

tournament player development

Finesse KCoach_Moment.jpg

You are need a training program designed for your body and your swing in order to meet your goals.

Tournament Played Development will prepare developing golf athletes who are competing in tournaments at the high school, college, amateur or professional levels for the physical rigors of optimum performance and tournament golf. We guide each athlete to facilitate the connection between golf (and life) performance and the influence of the optimal balance in training, recovery and nutrition. Individual Program design with Group Training Support!

Foundation Plus Program Includes:

  • TPI certified professional - functional movement - physical assessment

  • KCOACH 3D biomechanical swing evaluation

  • Online Groov Golf Fitness Program access

  • One (1) individual follow-up training session

  • 1 month of TPD - MOOV training - LIVE (AND COMING SOON OnDemand) 

  • $400

The physical assessment and the 3D swing analysis will take approximately 1 and 1/2 hours to complete. The online or in-person follow-up training session will be scheduled after the Evaluation is complete and your Golf Performance Training Program is designed.

movement prep / recoop / restor

dynamic golf mobility training / dms - soft tissue vibrational release

Soft tissue release is a great way to significantly reduce pain and trigger point sensitivity. When combined with active stretching, it can help improve range of motion and joint mechanics


  • 30-Minute Session ($50)

DMS - RECOOP - Mobility Station (2).jpg

Mobility Tent Services available for corporate and charity golf outings or tournaments. Call Janine (913.226.7092) or email (

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